Monday, October 27, 2014

a fun little project...

i love, love, love sprinkles! and you know i have the Pinterest board to prove it!

in my house sprinkles aren't just used for cakes and or cookies. they have been known to embellish peanut butter toast, which is a staple for my youngest, vanilla yogurt and even bowls of warm oatmeal! it's a fun and colorful little touch that always gets a little squeal of delight when i use them. i now have a teenage son and a 10 year old daughter so i take 'joyful noises' wherever i can get them! ;) i have acquired quite a collection of different shapes and colors. too fun to store up in the cupboards, i've had them on display in cute little painted spice racks on my counter for a while.

i love the color of this little green spice rack i thrifted a while back so much that i actually took it in and got it color matched. i now have 'spice rack green' paint on hand! my husband didn't understand why i didn't use it to touch up the rack, but i like the chippy look of it. besides if a painted piece doesn't start out chipped and distressed in my house, it will usually end up that way. ;)

i've been looking for some nicer looking glass bottles to swap out the plastic ones the sprinkles came in. while i am still on the look out, i did find some inexpensive glass salt and pepper shakers that fit into the racks perfectly. while they aren't my favorite, i do think they add to the whim of displaying sprinkles. this weekend i sat down with my oldest son and filled those little glass jars.

it was a fun little project and i am glad that i got to check it off of my "to do" list. as you can see from my first pic i do have another spice rack to fill and believe you me, i do have the sprinkles to fill it! at this point i am just waiting for the store to replenish those little shakers! i did manage to fill the green rack and am enjoying the results! i like to sprinkle -pun totally intended- my "cozy little home" with playful touches and this fits the bill, don't you think?!
until next time! ~alanna