Sunday, August 11, 2013

a little needle keep...

so with all of the fun hexie projects that i have been seeing from my fav quilters, crafters and sewists, i felt it was time to try hexies for myself! i ordered some paper hexies from amy over at and have been slightly obsessed ever since! i love to work on them and i swear hand stitching lowers blood pressure and is a great way to relax!
here are some of the 1/2" hexies i have been working on. you will be seeing more them in a future posting ;). i keep all my supplies in a little cookie tin that is easy to carry around and closes really, really tight so my curious 4yr old can't get into it and darn it if i don't lose my needle like every time! there is nothing worse then looking forward to relaxing with some sewing, finding that comfy spot you plan on nestling in for the next hour or so, pulling out that pretty fabric you've been thinking about all day and grrrr.... where is my needle?! so irritating right?! it was time for a needle keep for my hexie box. luckily i have been waiting for a project to use some aqua felt that i have been stashing for sometime. i ordered from my fav felt supplier Margaret at she ships from Taiwan and it is sooo worth the wait!
the aqua and polka dots make he so happy! it is premium felt that is great to work with. we use it time and time again for our tea time strawberries for our childrens etsy shop. another sweet little thing i have been itching to use for a project is this cotton tape from Riley Blake.
 i also have a friend, Sandy, who crochets the cutest appliques out of embroidery floss for our shop and i knew i wanted to include one of her creations.  
 see? aren't they cute?! she has a lot of fun making them and you can find them and the Riley Blake cotton tape here in my merry little fabric shop
i didn't have a pattern or anything, i just took out my scalloped pinking shears and started playing. i also have pinterest board where i pin needle keeps so i have been getting lots and lots of inspiration from there too. after about an hour of cutting, rearranging and checking in with my sister and mom for their opinions, this is what i came up with.
what do you think? i will officially have a better time with my hexies now. plus it was fun using some of my crafty stash. it is always nice to take some time out of the day and get creative. and yes, my new little needle keep is feeling right at home in my hexie tin!
til next time! ~alanna

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